Etey's GuRsha
Contact: Etayehu Zenebe
City: State College, PA, 16803
Email Address:
Phone: 717-618-2346
About Us
Etayehu Zenebe learned Ethiopian cuisine from her grandmother who worked in the Ethiopian palace for Halle Selassi I, emperor for Ethiopia from 1930-1974. Etayehu has wonderful memories of growing up in the palace living in harmony with aunties and friends who all took care of her as a young girl. At the elbow of her grandmother in the palace kitchen Etayehu learned to use her senses to create unique, healthy and nourishing meals for her community.
Etayehu is excited to share her culture and her tasty food with State College, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. She is passionate about searching out the best local ingredients from area farms with a Zero Waste goal! She believes strongly that Ethiopian food can be healthy, organic and delicious. She works with farms like Plowshare to glean her ingredients!
You must try Etayehu's cooking! Each bite tastes like love, generosity of spirit and joy!