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Treaster Kettle Farm
Contact: Jack Ray
City: Centre Hall, PA, 16828
About Us
Founded in 2015, Treaster Kettle Farm is a 15 acre farmette located at the edge of Rothrock State
Forest. We have mostly forested land and a small 2 acre field. Our focus is on agroforesty and small
scale intensive agriculture.

We pasture-raise meat chickens using chicken tractors in our field, and free-range our egg layers in the
field and woods where they find diverse sources of food.

We have 20+ bee hives. The bees forage wildflower pollen and nectar from the surrounding forest.

The “Treaster Kettle” that our farm is located in, is a narrow and shaded hollow and is very conducive
for mushrooms to grow. We cultivate Shiitake mushrooms on logs from our forest, and the surrounding
woods often flush with many wild mushrooms including Chanterelles, Trumpet Mushrooms and Maitake
mushrooms (aka Hen of the Woods).

I (Jack Ray) am a Certified Wild Mushroom Expert in PA and I am approved by the state of Pennsylvania
to forage and sell wild mushrooms. I provide mushrooms on Centre Markets and to several local
restaurants. You can also find our Chanterelles in ravioli form from the Fasta and Ravioli Co. here on
Centre Markets.