The Cakeshop by Tati
Contact: Derek and Tatiana Polay
City: Pleasant Gap, PA, 16823
Phone: 814-321-2676
About Us
Our story
Tati and Derek met during their first week in The Culinary Institute of America in 2014. After completing their programs and graduating in June of 2016 they decided to move to NYC and work on gaining experience and improving their skills.

Tati’s first job was with Madeline Lanciani, Chef and Owner of Duane Park Patisserie in Tribeca. Known for their comforting confections and fun take on classics, Tatiana was able to improve her knowledge of high volume production skills and delicate piping work.

During the last 2 years Tati was part of Charlotte Neuville’s team. It was there that she was able to hone her skills in cake decorating and fine sugar art. All of her experiences lead to a consistent strive for perfection with anything less being unacceptable.

During Derek’s time in New York City, he worked in the kitchen and on the floor at some of the best and most recognized restaurants in the world. With experience at the formerly three Michelin starred Jean-Georges, Llama Inn, Olmsted, with a short stint at the San Pellegrino Top 50 rated Central in Peru, his knowledge on food and flavors shine but it was his time as a Restaurant Manager that drives and shapes him today.

We aim to provide top-quality service, baked goods, cakes, and other confections to the Centre County area. Our company’s values include honesty and reliability, as we want our guests to trust that every time they visit the experience will continue to exceed expectations.
Our ingredients
We try to work with as many local purveyors, farmers, and producers as we can in an effort to uplift our neighbors and community. The coffee we use is from Elixr, based out of Philadelphia, and The Cheese Shoppe, on Calder Way. Our selection of teas are also provided to us via the Cheese Shoppe and the fellow minority woman-owned Spectral Tea.