Contact: Kathy Fisher
City: Mifflintown, PA,
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Phone: 171-966-1703
About Us
Growing up I was my Mom’s sidekick in the garden and during all things canning. We sat and shelled dozens of peas, sliced up 100’s of peaches and my favorite – getting my hands all red from slipping off the skins of the gorgeous colored red beets. My Mom was a hard worker. It was no miniscule task to feed 6 children off the land. Etched in my memory is the year we moved to New Mexico and she put her baking skills to work. She made ends meet financially when she woke up in the wee hours of the morning to bake cinnamon rolls. We would then take these homemade rolls to Walmart, set up a stand and sell to all those passing by. She had no license and no degree, but she did have perseverance. I now live in Central PA with my husband and four children. I hold perseverance as one of my top priorities in life. Kathryn’s is an LLC, certified with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and as the sole owner I continue to work on my degree through World Campus Penn State University. Kathryn’s signature item will always remain the delicious homemade cinnamon roll. I hope you find us an asset to your busy life.