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Piper's Peck
Contact: Janet Robinson
City: Bellefonte, PA, 16823
Phone: 814-574-9278
About Us
The Piper’s Peck is a locally owned and operated business located in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania (central PA). We began in 1998 with some fresh hot peppers, a variety of four salsas and a hot pepper jelly. We now have expanded our line to include more salsa, a hot barbecue sauce, more pepper jelly choices, dried hot peppers (including chipotle), a line of fruit jams and jellies, eight varieties of home-made fudge, and two fudge sauces (one with chipotle).

All of the hot peppers used in our products are grown here on our small farm as are many of the other ingredients used in production. What we don’t grow ourselves we buy from local farmers (many of whom have organic farms) to ensure quality. There are no artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives used.

We sell fresh hot peppers (about 8 varieties) along with our product line at local farmers' markets. We also sell to local stores, by mail order and now, over the internet. Click on the contact us link to the left for a list of Farmers' Markets and other places where you can find our products. Our line includes five varieties of salsa, a hot barbecue sauce, three varieties of sandwich peppers, five varieties of pepper jelly, six varieties of fruit preserves, eight varieties of home-made fudge, two chocolate sauces, and gift baskets.