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Deep Hollow Forest Farm
Contact: Brian
City: Halifax, PA,
Phone: 717-303-8327
About Us
We are a small farm located in Halifax, PA. Instead of field crops or vegetables, we grow (and forage) specialty mushrooms under a natural forest canopy. Living in the woods, we asked the questions "what would nature be doing if we weren't here?" and "what would nature help us do here?" It became apparent that our land wants to grow trees and mushrooms, so we do too!

We specialize in log grown shiitake. Most shiitake are grown on compressed sawdust "logs". Our shiitake are grown on hardwood logs that we obtain as a byproduct of forest management. It is wood that would be burned, or decomposed by fungi. By selecting the fungi, we use this natural cycle to produce gourmet mushrooms. Growing on natural logs we are able to produce a shiitake that are denser, have better flavor and are of overall higher quality than the ones you find in the grocery store.

We also utilize various methods to produce other varieties such as lions mane, black king, chestnuts, winecaps, nameko, pink oysters, golden oysters and blue oysters.

Foraging is a passion and you will see us offering wild mushrooms and other foraged foods in season.