Busy Bee Ranch LLC
Contact: Shannon McChesney-Brungart
City: Bellefonte, , 16823
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About Us
We make our own unique goat milk soaps using essential oils, fragrance oils, saponified olive, coconut and castor oil. We use goat milk from our own happy little herd of Nubian dairy goats and some of our soaps also have honey and beeswax harvested fresh from the hives of our very busy little honey bees here at Busy Bee Ranch!

Busy Bee Ranch?? is located on a small farmette in Bellefonte. We care for our honey bees, a flock of chickens, and our little friendly herd of Nubian dairy goats. We are a family-owned business and we handcraft our artisan soaps in small batches using the old fashioned cold-processed method. At Busy Bee Ranch, we work hard to create a cleansing bar of soap that feels nice on the skin and maintains a healthy balance of moisture. Goat milk soap won’t dry out your skin like other soaps because the milk from dairy goats is filled with nutrients and fats that our skin loves to soak up. We also use other natural ingredients like saponified olive, coconut, and castor oils. We have many varieties of soaps and lotion bars to choose from, including unscented soaps for sensitive skins.