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Koo-Weh Nana
Contact: Ann Kusnadi
City: Port Matilda, PA, 16870
About Us
**Please note that Koo-Weh Nana has an early order cut off on Thursday at 7pm***
Born and raised in Indonesia, Ann went to the US to pursue a Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology. During her studies she met her husband, a fellow graduate student from Turkey. Her husband’s background exposed Ann to the eclectic city of Gaziantep, Turkey, THE center of baklava. After years of attempts and experimentation to make baklava at home, she finally perfected the science. Family and friends of all backgrounds enjoy a bite of her locally famous baklava while sipping tea or coffee and sharing some laughs. With their encouragement, Ann began offering baklava as gifts during the holiday seasons. She combines delicious baklava with attractive packaging, perfect for gift-giving.