Meadowsweet Botanica
Contact: Sarah Depasquale
Address: 148 Fiedler Rd Woodward, PA, 16882
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Phone: 814-574-8099
About Us
As a community midwife and herbalist for over fifteen years, I've created a line of home grown, handmade herbal products to support the well-being of families in my rural community. With the help of my partner and our own little one, I grow, harvest, and process native and traditional medicinal herbs on our five acre farm on Pine Creek in Woodward, Pennsylvania. We strive to manage our land in a way that fosters the health of the soil, water, and native plant and animal communities. The beeswax and propolis in herbal products are from our own beehives, managed without pesticides, antibiotics, or fungicides. Outsourced ingredients are always organically grown and/ or ethically wildcrafted.

I strive to support you in supporting your own health and the health of your environment, naturally.